Collection for the Aotearoa Summer - Harp Fest Guest Music Collaboration

Anna Dunwoodie
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‘Collection for the Aotearoa Summer’

(Note – Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand – it means ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’)

 This unique collection of music is available to us thanks to the enormous generosity of the composers and arrangers, who are also going to be guests at Harp Fest NZ 2023.  We appreciate that you might be supporting this event even if you can't attend - you have our gratitude!

 This is really diverse collection of lever and pedal harp music with solos, duets and songs, ranging from early intermediate to advanced level. It offers musical variety from traditional to jazz, to contemporary music.                        

 Eleven artists have contributed, twenty one pieces (including two suites each consisting of five movements each) almost 100 pages of music, with interactive index (in case you are reading it on an iPad and want to jump directly into a particular tune). Click on the 'preview' aspect of this platform to see the contents page for the collection.

This is a bit exciting - for us, and hopefully for you.....

As this collection is only available for purchase from us, and as a digital down load, when we know how many copies we have sold, we’ll let you know exactly which part of the festival you have been a part of supporting. You’ll get an update via gumroad, the platform we sell this from. You can also check in on the website to see how our fundraising is going - you are effectively becoming a sponsor of Harp Fest NZ 2023.

We have a sponsorship structure in place that works like this:

If we’ve raised in the $250 range – then that’s a session/workshop sponsor and we’ll name one of the sessions after the book buyers….or multiple workshops…. NOTE - We've raised $250 - thats one workshop - keep watching!

If we’ve raised $$ in the  $2000 range – then that’s a concert sponsor, and we’ll name a concert after the book buyers.

And if it’s in the $4000 range – that’s a principal sponsor and we’ll name something big after you, the book buyers.

A big thanks from the Harp Fest Team!

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