Kiwi Christmas - Music from Downunder

Anna Dunwoodie
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Twelve new compositions for intermediate lever harp based around the theme of a summertime Christmas in New Zealand. With a bit of variety from the usual themes of snow, reindeers and a babe in a manger, this book contains a bit of blues, a tango, a strathspey, a couple of waltzes, a cheeky jazzy ragtime piece and a 6/8 lullaby.

Featuring pre-set levers (no lever changes) and special harp effects such as P.D.L.T, harmonics, dampening, ettoufles, upward and downward ripples and a wide range of keys.

Lots of gorgeous NZ themed graphics by artist (and harpist) Moira Pagan (

28 pages, digital download only

Here's a lovely review by Liana Alpino Managing Editor of Harp Music Column
*A Kiwi Christmas
by Anna Dunwoodie

This collection by New Zealand-based harpist Anna Dunwoodie includes 12 original compositions that are holiday themed. It is a joy to play through; the fun titles and illustrations are an added bonus. My favorite compositions in the collection are “Candy Cane Waltz,” “Wrapping Paper Blues,” “March of the Elves,” and “Pohutukawa (The New Zealand Christmas Tree).” There’s a little bit of everything: a waltz, a jazzy, ragtime piece, a lullaby, and more. It’s really a collection that will be enjoyed by young students and adult players alike.

Aww thanks Liana - it's so nice to know how much you enjoyed this collection!


Christmas Cookies ' Shortbread'

Ruru's Perch

Christmas Cookies ' Gingerbread'

Tuatara Tango

Candy Cane Waltz - See the video here

Pohutukawa - See the video here

Wrapping Paper Blues

Under the Tree

The Procession

March of the Elves

St Nick's Lullaby

Twinkling Lights (this is also available as an ensemble)

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Kiwi Christmas - Music from Downunder

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